Princess Win

According to the stores Fall is almost behind us and Christmas quickly around the corner. It is August. I know. But the stores want us to not be so closed minded with sticking to the seasonal system. I’ll meet them half way and acknowledge that fall and the gloriousness that comes with it are soon to be here. As a former Floridian Falls still get me awkwardly excited. So this next find is a WIN. Why? Because I love Etsy. I love babies. I love knitting (this is crocheted, I’m aware). And I love costumes (I’m an actor, what can I say). I smell an excellent halloween costume in somebody’s future.  So behold, in all their crocheted glory: Princess Leia. For a mere $30 and a white onesie – you are done!. That is a WIN!

Now your kid can be a Princess too.

Now your kid can be a Princess too! Thanks to Canadian Maggie.