Tee-ing up for bed

While I’m more of a mini golf enthusiast, myself, I have to applaud this dad’s (technically the wife designed this kickin’ set up) adoration for the sport. Frankly, the real game, at least while watching on tv, is on the boring side to me, which is why this is a GENIUS nursery. It will either stoke the budding flames of that baby golfer or it will lull it to sleep with it’s quite¬†subtly. Look, I’m not knocking the sport – this is a huge money making industry. I’m just saying, that it takes a little extra something special to pull it into your kids nursery. I will say that I got to be an extra (the second time I was unknowingly pregnant) on the Tiger Woods Wii sports game promo and my heart did get a bit excited to watch the pro go at it in person — which made up for my unexplained nausea at the time. So I’m thinking it’s a “You need to be there in person” kind of sport. And I get that. I digress. I really do think this nursery is golf-ballin’ and done super well! Check more pics out here.

Golf Nursery

Hat Tip to Name Sake Design

Tricked out Stroller

Now this is clearly ripped from parenting.failblog.net. However, I don’t consider this a fail, but an epic win. This was dedication and clear ingenuity b/c you’ve got to balance those add ons so your kid isn’t flying out of the stroller – I know b/c I hang groceries from my stroller (which, I think is the same stroller we have, but hard to tell with that getup) all the time, and have had some near blunders. Anyway, let’s not mock this guy for having a sense of humor and being passionate about SOMETHING. Nothing is more lame then people who have no passions. Am I right?!

Tricked out stroller

Hat Tip to this Dad – found from parenting.failblog.com

Baby Nintendo Controller

They’re going to put it in their mouth. They are. Embrace it. So get them a nintendo teether that won’t electrocute them when they chew on it! Check out 3PrincessesEngraving‘s on Etsy! (I’m a geek over etsy). ¬†Please, tell me, that you noted that it says “Nin-teeth-o” – hilarious. They have a bunch of other geeky designs too like phones, caluclators, remote controls (or if you’re Kris Kardashian it’s a “clicker”). And if you’re looking for non geeky – there are some super cute ones too – and the price is pretty fabulous. I wish I had known about these sooner!!

Nintendo Teether

Hat Tip to 3PrincessesEgraving for this awesome teether!


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