Meme Pop Music Announcement

I knew it was a matter of time before Meme pregnancy¬†announcements¬†would show up – you can find some pretty excellent Meme proposals over at this site if you’re interested in that – and I genuinely mean excellent. Anyway, Life is Good Today decided to go all Carly Rae Memish on us and created this as a ficitious pregnancy annoucement. Despite the cheesiness I have to applaud her originality. Submit if you can do better! ūüôā Spoiler: We are working on creating some more inspirational pregnancy/birth¬†announcements¬†for you…

Pregnancy annoucement

Hat tip to the Pop Music Meme Baby Announcement – Life is Good!

Settlers of Catan Pregnancy Announcement

Settlers of Catan is close to every geek’s heart. Probably even closer than the zygote Geek growing in their womb. What better way to tell the world you love your unborn geek than by also telling the world you love Settlers of Catan with this creative pregnancy announcement.

Settlers of Catan Baby Announcement

Settlers of Catan Baby Announcement

If you just rolled a 7 and have to steal this photo for your own unique baby announcement, here’s a blank one you can edit yourself:

Settlers of Catan Blank Baby Announcement

Settlers of Catan Blank Baby Announcement for the thieves out there

And for the Catan Geek/Crochet Geek check out this Catan baby blanket from Cthulhu Crochet and Cousins:

Cthulhu Crochet and Cousins

Hat Tip to Cthulhu Crochet and Cousins

3 out of 4 of these might stink

Found this photo while on Pinterest. Would give credit if I could, but the source was missing. Anyway – this could be a pretty good geeky birth announcement idea. It’s kind of a great response to the¬†repetitive¬†“Our family is growing by two feet…” pregnancy announcement. Because nothing says meet our cute family like stinky and furry feet. You just need some stellar caption to throw on it… like: “Thought we’d help you get over your fear of feet…and infants,” OR “Someone didn’t get the memo that we weren’t crossing our feet,” OR “We’ve all been knocked flat on our backs with excitement to¬†announce…,” OR “Guess which one just came out of a human…,” Or perhaps it’s¬†interactive¬†and their enlisting your help in ensuring their kid was born with all 10 toes. Either way, you’ll be a GIANT tease with this one.

One of these things is not like the other...

One of these things is not like the other…