ABGEEK Flash Cards

My GeekStud of a husband submitted this one for you and naturally it comes with a slightly funny story. Below you will note the awesome ABC geek flash cards by Emma Cook, which I’m not sure you can actually purchase. You can check the site here if you want. Anyway, back to my story. Our Geeklet was given a nice fluffy blanket that had blocks of colors – If memory serves right – 3 to be exact. In each block it had a letter – A, B, G…and the G had a picture of a giraffe next to it. This blanket drove my Studlygeek crazy b/c no one teaches their children ABG’s…until now. ABGeek.

ABC Flashcard by Emma Cook

Tricked out Stroller

Now this is clearly ripped from parenting.failblog.net. However, I don’t consider this a fail, but an epic win. This was dedication and clear ingenuity b/c you’ve got to balance those add ons so your kid isn’t flying out of the stroller – I know b/c I hang groceries from my stroller (which, I think is the same stroller we have, but hard to tell with that getup) all the time, and have had some near blunders. Anyway, let’s not mock this guy for having a sense of humor and being passionate about SOMETHING. Nothing is more lame then people who have no passions. Am I right?!

Tricked out stroller

Hat Tip to this Dad – found from parenting.failblog.com