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I was sitting in a coffee shop with my professional knitting sister-from-another-mister, while she sexily knitted two socks on the same pair of needles AT THE SAME TIME, and I was having a bit of a nerdgasm over sites dedicated to geeks and nerds (for the point of this site, and since I love alliteration I will just say GEEK interchangeably). And that’s when Generation GEEK was born. (Did you pick up on my sex humor there? Nerdgasms leading to birth…? Just me? Ok.)

You see, I was upset that it was next to impossible to find outside of the box pregnancy announcements. I wanted something fresh, fun, silly, and, frankly, me and all I could find on this vast world wide web were the same ol’ pregnancy annoucements – and you’ve seen them. So my clever friend asked me this life changing question, “Well, Ms. GEEK, what do you geek over?” And that’s when a flood of, what I hope, are creative pregnancy announcements using things that I geek out over exploded in my cerebral cortex.  And it was then that I knew we fellow GEEKS needed a place to unite, celebrate, and inspire each other to force our geekiness on our kids. Who, let’s be honest, are what we GEEK out over the most.

But Ms. GEEK, what does “Geek” even mean? Well, my fellow geeker, it means anything that you get a little too exited about. Perhaps even awkwardly excited over. You know what I’m talking about. Now, I’m not limiting this to simply technology, science, and math. While those are geeky, so is anything else that you are mad passionate about. For instance, some people geek over black and white movies, reading, DIY crafts, cheap wine, little old couples still holding hands…oh wait, that’s just me? Hence I’m a Geek. And proud. SO proud I’m going to force my son and future fruits of my loin to be surrounded, exploited, and exposed to my geeky loves.

So join me in forcing on kids expressing our passions.

The Flamingo


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