You’ve been GEEKed

To be Geeked means that someone has forced their geekiness on you. For instance you will see the following photo of my adorable son in a tye-dyed onesie, hat, and matching booties. While I love me some hippies (One birthday my friends surprised me with a hippy initiation ceremony so I could be an honorary hippy) I didn’t realize that I needed a full tye-dyed layette set for my son. The story behind the clothes is priceless so if you’d like to check it out read on…

Hippy baby

Hippy Love.

My Studly Geek and I took a babymoon. At the time we lived in FL so we went in search of Fall weather and a low stress vacation. We settled on Ashville, NC – and had a fantastic time – the food is amazing, and hiking and mountain biking was great.

I had done my research and booked a prenatal massage at an establishment called Spa Materna. Like most of Ashville the theme of the spa was pretty yuppy-crunchy. You had your pick of painted belly castings on the wall to choose from for sure . Anyway, the short version is that I ended up getting locked in spa room accidentally, as the door actually had no lock. As a theatre major and construction worker’s daughter I’m well versed at removing doors, and while I did remove the handle myself, I eventually, just stepped to the side and let them kick down the door – since the workers were panicking a bit. Meanwhile, I was just fine, and highly amused. Well, to help me cope with my hormonal distress they assumed I was under they didn’t discount my massage, as I had hoped, but instead sent me home with the tye-dyed outfit.  And now I have some amazing photos of my son as a hippy gnome. Well played, Spa Materna, well played.

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