Baby Nintendo Controller

They’re going to put it in their mouth. They are. Embrace it. So get them a nintendo teether that won’t electrocute them when they chew on it! Check out 3PrincessesEngraving‘s on Etsy! (I’m a geek over etsy). ┬áPlease, tell me, that you noted that it says “Nin-teeth-o” – hilarious. They have a bunch of other geeky designs too like phones, caluclators, remote controls (or if you’re Kris Kardashian it’s a “clicker”). And if you’re looking for non geeky – there are some super cute ones too – and the price is pretty fabulous. I wish I had known about these sooner!!

Nintendo Teether

Hat Tip to 3PrincessesEgraving for this awesome teether!

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