ABGEEK Flash Cards

My GeekStud of a husband submitted this one for you and naturally it comes with a slightly funny story. Below you will note the awesome ABC geek flash cards by Emma Cook, which I’m not sure you can actually purchase. You can check the site here if you want. Anyway, back to my story. Our Geeklet was given a nice fluffy blanket that had blocks of colors – If memory serves right – 3 to be exact. In each block it had a letter – A, B, G…and the G had a picture of a giraffe next to it. This blanket drove my Studlygeek crazy b/c no one teaches their children ABG’s…until now. ABGeek.

ABC Flashcard by Emma Cook

Firefly head warmer

Firefly. A cult classic. If you’ve seen it you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, please put yourself out of the unknown misery you’ve been living in and get your hands on a copy. I guess that phrase is outdated. Get your eyes on a digital version of it? Whatever. Either way, your kid needs to keep its brain warm so that they can be a part of their own renegade space cowboy group and survive. If not it’s a super cute fall hat that you can find on etsy.

Jayne Cobb Hat

Jayne Cobb Hat on Etsy by Mellowfury

Princess Win

According to the stores Fall is almost behind us and Christmas quickly around the corner. It is August. I know. But the stores want us to not be so closed minded with sticking to the seasonal system. I’ll meet them half way and acknowledge that fall and the gloriousness that comes with it are soon to be here. As a former Floridian Falls still get me awkwardly excited. So this next find is a WIN. Why? Because I love Etsy. I love babies. I love knitting (this is crocheted, I’m aware). And I love costumes (I’m an actor, what can I say). I smell an excellent halloween costume in somebody’s future.  So behold, in all their crocheted glory: Princess Leia. For a mere $30 and a white onesie – you are done!. That is a WIN!

Now your kid can be a Princess too.

Now your kid can be a Princess too! Thanks to Canadian Maggie.

News and When Harry had some Potter.

Sorry for the absence (all two of you who look at this blog). This will be redundant for you, but in case you happen to not share my bed…or are related to me then you wouldn’t know that I spent the weekend being a support person while my youngest sistageek gave birth to her first geeklet. All went well, but it’s safe to say we’re all recovering…perhaps one of us more then the others. Anyway, in her honor, I thought I’d post a Harry Potter Nursery since she’s a fan of the Potter. I think this room is pretty on par with the Universal Theme Park (which I did extra work for their promo on the day I found out I was pregnant), although it brings back some memories of the sponge painting phenomenon that was a few short decades ago.

Harry Potter Kid Room

Harry Potter would love this room

Tee-ing up for bed

While I’m more of a mini golf enthusiast, myself, I have to applaud this dad’s (technically the wife designed this kickin’ set up) adoration for the sport. Frankly, the real game, at least while watching on tv, is on the boring side to me, which is why this is a GENIUS nursery. It will either stoke the budding flames of that baby golfer or it will lull it to sleep with it’s quite subtly. Look, I’m not knocking the sport – this is a huge money making industry. I’m just saying, that it takes a little extra something special to pull it into your kids nursery. I will say that I got to be an extra (the second time I was unknowingly pregnant) on the Tiger Woods Wii sports game promo and my heart did get a bit excited to watch the pro go at it in person — which made up for my unexplained nausea at the time. So I’m thinking it’s a “You need to be there in person” kind of sport. And I get that. I digress. I really do think this nursery is golf-ballin’ and done super well! Check more pics out here.

Golf Nursery

Hat Tip to Name Sake Design

Hunger Games Mood Board

Yes, I may have spent all of last night ignoring my Studly Geek (unless, of course, I needed his photoshop magic skills) to create this Hunger Games Nursery Mood Board for you all. I like to call it Classy Katniss. Or should I call it Klassy Katniss?

Did I mention that I have a dual degree in English and Theatre? I was great at analyzing literature (not so great at grammar and spelling – so your secret judging on that department can quit) and I loved the design side of Theatre so mood boarding about books might excite me more then all the dark chocolate m&m’s we have in the house for potty training (typically we’re a low to no sugar household for health reasons). Hey, moms need positive rewards too.

Anyway, I’m a geek for mood boards. This room could easily be altered to be a kids room too and is gender neutral. I’m way into kids rooms that can grow with them – and that you just can’t buy at one store. Honestly, this has a touch of the same feel as my son’s current room in the vintage/modernness of it all. So here’s the pic, yo. And below  is a link to each item I used with notes on how you could achieve the same look for less – please, note, that this is a compilation of other people’s products or finds assembled for your inspirational pleasure. I also don’t make a cut if you buy any of these items – I’m just posting this for fun.

Hunger Games Mood Board

Classy Katniss

  • Vintage Iron Crib – $749 – in honor of Katniss living in the coal mining district. Coal and Iron go hand in hand if you’ve ever worked in a black smith shop, which I’ve dabbled in. I’m sure a cheaper crib could be attained via craigslist or other stores and painted to achieve same look.
  • Bedding – I just went with the image – so neutral creams. I would just get a crib skirt, sheet, and possibly breathable bumper – the comforter is unnecessary in my opinion. If you want an edgier more fiery one THIS one is pretty cool.
  • Blue dresser/changing Table – was a thrift find. I dig the chipping paint (which should be sealed) and the rope handles (even though the blogger doesn’t). I’m all about a dual purpose piece so when the geeklet gets too big you can just use the top as a normal dresser.
  • Tree Lamp – $383 – You need light. You do. Specially to get a better look at a rash or boo-boo. I didn’t see a price till after I had done all this work – but there are less pricey ones out there. I think Pottery Barn Kids has one for a fraction of the cost. And I dig it’s shade.
  • Awesome Plank Clock – I think it was made. I assume they just took some random sized planks and put a clock on top of it. It looks cool, and is a functional way of knowing how many hours you’ve been walking with your baby in the middle of a teething frenzy. It also reminded me of the 2nd Hunger Games. (I could make so many jokes about newborns and Hunger Games….).
  • Red Changing Pad – $17.99 – Babies R US. Obviously, make sure you get the pad too. This is for the sheet. I didn’t even know red was an option for these sheets. I might have to get one for the next geeklet.
  • Antique Necktie Rocking Chair – $150 – I found it on a blog – but the blog references it’s on etsy by a Leigh Ryan, but my search came up empty. Anyway, I love that the seat is made from old neckties. Way to use all of Pop’s ol’ father’s day gifts in a cool new way. This would be an easy update to a family rocker.
  • Petrified Forrest Rug –  $258.97 – Confetti color -I liked that it looks like wood…and fire. And the colors were very similar to the covers of the books. I think you could replace this with a braided rug or possibly paint a rug to look similar if the price of this breaks your bank. OR make a felt rug – I’m thinking of trying my hand at that. Anyway this rug would break my bank, but mine is made of sugar glass.
  • UNNI BLAD forest inspired curtains from IKEA – $69.95 – I loved the colors – it reminded me of Katniss sleeping in the trees. I think these are discontinued and hard to find. Ikea has other great tree/leaf print curtains and fabrics and all would work in the space. One even had berries on it – can we say the final scene in the first Hunger Games?!
  • Arrow curtain rod – No science or item to buy there. Find arrows OR a branch and use it as a curtain rod. The end.
  • Bow photo Art – Get a Bow. Hang it. Hang pictures from strings from bow. Art.
  • Mockingjay pillow on chair – $20 – I specifically went with this one since it tied in the colors of the curtains – I dig this color too. This same seller on etsy has some other great mockingjay pillows so check them out. I almost went with the cream one since the bird looked like it was on fire.
  • Rocking Goat – $250 – I figured we had to get Prim represented in here with her goat. What geeklet doesn’t love a rocking goat, too?
  • Flame Light Fixture in Gold – $1,650 – ouch – but awesome! If you can’t afford this beauty, like me, I’m sure you could do your own cheaper version with sticks, paint sticks, etc painted gold surrounding a pendant. I’ve seen people on Pinterest make their own starburst mirror for dirt cheap…so I bet this could be done for much less if you’re willing to take the time.
  • Rue’s Lullaby art work – $100 – Love this one. Love the quote for a nursery. I love Etsy.
  • Hunger Games Hope Quote –  $5.95 – Steal! Powerful quote – powerful price!
  • Hunger Games Inspired I Support the Girl on Fire – $25 – etsy – This one stood out from the many other Hunger Game artwork on etsy. So simple.
  • The Hunger Games Trilogy Quote Print – $29.99 – I think this is a set of 3 actually, but I just put up the third one since I liked its reference to Love.
  • So I found a Mobile that was a bow with arrows hanging from it – and I thought it was cool…but I also thought it was morbid and now I can’t find that image! So you could go that route OR you could make a mobile with Clouds, flowers, bees, birds, flames I guess, etc.

Studly Geek suggested I add toy storage in the room. We thought of a giant cornucopia, but that might require some creative DIYing and my brain says it’s done doing your hard work. 🙂 Other items to think about would be a laundry hamper as well. Feel free to make those suggestions within the theme! 🙂

Tricked out Stroller

Now this is clearly ripped from parenting.failblog.net. However, I don’t consider this a fail, but an epic win. This was dedication and clear ingenuity b/c you’ve got to balance those add ons so your kid isn’t flying out of the stroller – I know b/c I hang groceries from my stroller (which, I think is the same stroller we have, but hard to tell with that getup) all the time, and have had some near blunders. Anyway, let’s not mock this guy for having a sense of humor and being passionate about SOMETHING. Nothing is more lame then people who have no passions. Am I right?!

Tricked out stroller

Hat Tip to this Dad – found from parenting.failblog.com

Meme Pop Music Announcement

I knew it was a matter of time before Meme pregnancy announcements would show up – you can find some pretty excellent Meme proposals over at this site if you’re interested in that – and I genuinely mean excellent. Anyway, Life is Good Today decided to go all Carly Rae Memish on us and created this as a ficitious pregnancy annoucement. Despite the cheesiness I have to applaud her originality. Submit if you can do better! 🙂 Spoiler: We are working on creating some more inspirational pregnancy/birth announcements for you…

Pregnancy annoucement

Hat tip to the Pop Music Meme Baby Announcement – Life is Good!